Virtual Numbers

What is a Virtual number? Originally phone numbers represented a physical address. Later with mobile devices, they can represent a SIM card and a validated identity, known to a carrier. However a telephone number can also be virtual, in other words assigned to a SIP account or VoIP customer and forwarded to either a software client or another phone number. 

Virtual numbers can be purchased all around the world. So a person who lives in Brazil and does business in Japan can acquire a Tokyo virtual number that rings in Rio. 

Regulations are also an important factor in virtual numbers. Not every country, for example India, allows their numbers to be used for personal communication within their borders. Or on the other hand, some countries, for example Germany, may require verified address in the same city the the number is physically allocated to, mimicking the PSTN. 

So not all available virtual numbers may be available to be used depending on the identity and location of the customer.  

didXL enables virtual numbers on a wholesale basis in over 150 countries. We help service providers deliver this in demand feature, and help them comply with the local regulations. 

Virtual numbers are not only useful and desired by customers, they are also highly advantageous as a business for service providers and carriers, allowing them to become more sticky for their clients and also increase ARPU. 

If you are looking to offer a virtual number business to your clients, contact us today we can help you get started quickly and easily.