Local Termination

Call like a local

We are thrilled to introduce our Outbound service that supports Local Termination and PSTN Replacement Services.

Outbound Services allow didXL customers to use our DID numbers for outbound calls, as well. Local Termination Service offers two-way-voice functionality with domestic call capabilities, PSTN Replacement Service enable calls to Emergency Service. Calls will be routed directly via the network of the in-country DID number owner.

Compared to legacy A-Z termination there are numerous advantages for our customers:

CriteriadidXL Local TerminationLegacy A-Z Termination
AccessibilityNo problems with local call blockingLocal calls on international switches get blocked in more and more countries
RoutingCall is routed directly to local number ownerCall is routed internationally via multiple switches
A-number (CLI)Guaranteed CLI with in-country number formatRisk of A-number replacement
QualityExcellent audio quality 24/7, long ACD, short PDDNo quality guarantees, short ACD, long PDD
ReachabilityAll local networks, including toll-freeLimited number ranges, no toll-free
PricingStable pricing in local currencyFluctuating rates changing every week