Numbers and Traffic

Contact Centers

Call- and Contact center DIDs have specific needs on capacity requirements and reliability for both inbound and outbound traffic. In addition, for outbound traffic, it is crucial that these calls are terminated via local termination ensuring the presentation of a true and existing caller ID and to avoid blocking of the traffic on international switches.

didXL is well positioned to help our partners and customers in servicing the call and contact center market. Based on our experience and in close contact with our suppliers we have defined the following guidelines for our contact center customers:

•  The following types of outgoing traffic are not supported and will be blocked on complaints: Investments, Cryptocurrencies, Gambling, Bets, Adult Services, lottery in any country

• Outgoing traffic should show the used DID and this DID should be on our network and when dialed should be answered by human or IVR/announcement with non-commercial information on the offered service.

• Outgoing traffic should be live and no use should be made of taped advertisements or announcements.

• Massive automated Dialler traffic is not supported and abandoned call rate should be limited. This is monitored by measuring ASR and ACD values. ASR, ACD and CPS should be in line with non-automated dialling.  In case of unnatural values, we will first contact to discuss and improve. In case of excessive values or no effort to improve after discussion, we reserve the right to block or limit your outbound traffic. Note: in general, regulations define a call abandoned if the call is not connected to a live sales representative within two seconds of the called person’s completed greeting.

• Outgoing traffic should be limited to daytime (8 am to 9 pm local time) unless specified differently by the local regulator.
• Customers should respect national Do Not Call Registries in countries where applicable.
Please note that exact regulations for contact centers vary per country and you can find up-to date information on what is additionally required and allowed per country and plan in our product sheets.