Universal International Freephone Numbers

Introducing Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) – the ultimate solution for global communication. Instead of juggling different numbers in different countries, now you can have just one toll-free number that works everywhere.

UIFN is the newest addition to our range of services, designed to make things simple. With one easy-to-remember number, your customers from all over the world can reach you without any hassle.

This is great news for businesses that deal with customers from different countries. No more confusion about which number to call – whether your customers are in New York, Tokyo, or Paris, they only need to remember or save one number to get in touch with you.

To see where UIFN numbers are available check out coverage page. You can also find more detailed information about how to use these numbers in our product sheet, price list and the detailed description below

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00800 UIFN

ITU registration

Number Porting

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The UIFN service in more detail.

Compared to ITFS/0800

The most important difference between an ITFS Tollfree number and a Universal International Freephone number is the reachability. An ITFS number is usually only reachable from within the country while UIFN can be activated in multiple countries. This allows for the exact same UIFN to be advertised in, and reachable from, all those countries. In most countries, your customers can call their UIFN number by dialing 00 800 or + 800+ the UIFN number itself.
Note: In our product sheet and pricelist you will find information in case the dialing format differs.

Assignment and activation

UIFN numbers are given by the ITU directly to the end user. So, it’s the end user that owns the number. You can do the ITU registration yourself or didXL can manage this process for you or your customer. In case didXL manages the process for you, we do not mark up the one-time and yearly license fees to you.
In your order, you can tell us which countries the number should be activated in. Activated in a country means that customers in that country can access the number. Later on, you can simply order activation in additional countries. For instance, if the end-user expands their business. Because the number is activated under the end-user name at ITU you or your customer stays in full control of the number. The central registration by ITU also means that there is no need for local addresses/presence in the individual countries which is required in a growing number of countries for individual ITFS numbers.

Existing numbers and Porting

Next to applying and activating a new UIFN, didXL can also support scenario’s where you already have a number. We can support and manage a full Porting Request, similar to our offer for ITFS service. But additionally, for UIFN we can support you in use cases where you already have a UIFN at another provider that you want activated in more countries. In those cases we can either simply activate your existing number on our service in those countries. Even better, we can combine the activation in new countries together with the transfer of the existing countries to our service which will give you 1 invoice and full control of your number via our web- and support services.

Reachability of UIFN​

Unlike ITFS the UIFN service is not strictly regulated and is depending on commercial agreements with in-country carriers. didXL is your one point of contact so this does not impact you or your customer. However, because of this in some countries, reachability is not implemented by all operators. In exceptional cases operators may charge an (airtime) charge to the calling persons. didXL is fully transparent on this and when we are or become aware of such a limitations or charges we immediately list that in our product description and price list. This allows you to inform your customer as precisely as possible.

All details in one place

didXL wants to help you in making the right choice between ITFS and UIFN. To facilitate you in that process we have combined all information on commercials, reachability, and other specifics in one pricelist. That pricelist we send to all our customers every month so you can easily compare all aspects of all number types in a country.

How to get started with UIFN at didXL

In case you are interested in requesting a new UIFN, want to expand reachability, or want to move your number to our Services we encourage you to contact our sales department so we can further explain the service and prices. Together we can then decide on the best solution for your needs.