Next Gen Communication Platforms


What is CPaaS and how do DIDs enable it? CPaaS, stands for Communications Platform as a Service. CPaaS companies provide platforms that allow developers to embed voice and SMS services into web applications and business processes. 

didXL enables CPaaS providers to globalize their service offerings through our DID services. We work with CPaaS providers as a whole provider and offer provisioning APIs ourselves to facilitate just in time delivery of DID orders around the world. 

CPaaS providers can offer their clients DIDs in over 150 countries throughout the world using didXL. These include geographic, national, and mobile numbers as well as toll-free numbers. 

didXL now also offers outbound calling in select countries from our DIDs, which enables CPaaS providers to help their customers move away from the PSTN. 

Contact us today, we’d love to help. With didXL you’ll get X-tra large service and numbering coverage, with X-tra small prices!