Areas of Croatia

Regulator: Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM)

Website of regulator:

List of the areas
Name Prefix Type
Dubrovnik 38520 geo
Osijek 38531 geo
Rijeka 38551 geo
Split 38521 geo
Tollfree 385800 tollfree
Zadar 38523 geo
Zagreb 3851 geo

Croatian DID numbers are operated by a Croatian carrier in accordance with Croatian regulations and laws on electronic communications. DidXL customers subscribe to a telecommunication service that includes the usage of Croatian numbers. That does not include the ownership of the number(s).

Number allocations are subject to prior submission and validation of local residence and identity of the subscribing companies and individuals.

Any customer and end user is required to comply with local regulations and laws. Details can be found on the website of the local regulatory agency:

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